Manital in Dubai for the new Jumeirah Gate skyscraper

7.000 Manital handles will soon open the doors of the new iconic skyscraper under construction in the heart of Dubai, the Jumeirah Gate.

The handle chosen is Morphos Light, in the elegant black finish. Its squared and essential design fits perfectly with the architectural lines of the building, which are also clean and minimal.

This is another prestigious and important supply for the Italian company in Dubai Marina, not far from the Burj Khalifa, the highest skyscraper in the world in which the company already boasts the presence of its handles Atena and Dalì.

Quality and Made in Italy design are among the most sought after features in the UAE, particularly in Dubai, and are the peculiarities of Manital products.

As the owner of the company Luigi Bigoloni explains: «In this city the Italian spirit, the attention to detail and the aesthetic taste of our Country, are excellences that are in great demand and admired. This significant supply is for us a further confirmation that our models are appreciated in luxurious and contemporary contexts like this».