Preso handle by Manital chosen by Mario Mazzer Architects for Villa Emma – “House of the Year” 2019 –

Villa Emma, located in Porto Rotondo, Sardinia, and designed by Mario Mazzer Architects, won the “Silver” prize “House of the Year” 2019 organized by the World Architecture News, one of the most important international awards in architecture.

The project blends the rigor of “Stazzi”, the local rural buildings, with the principles of the modern house in a seamless internal-external relationship; it has also captured the expressive potential of every single material and detail achieving a poetic balance between sky and earth.

The architect Studio has chosen quality finishes and details including the Manital handles, in particular, Preso model, designed by the architect Mario Mazzer himself, in a bronzed brass finish, which is in perfect harmony with the environment and furnishings.

«The collaboration with Manital started more than ten years ago» explains Mazzer «and goes beyond the standard interplay between designer and client. We have developed a relationship based in trust and complicity. The positive experience is filled with highly successful designs rewarded with multiple international prizes».

Preso has clear and definite shape, which fits perfectly with the interiors of the house. Villa Emma is characterized by pure lines emphasized through a refined use of materials and a dark and warm colors palette, such as the bronzed brass of the handles.

Manital is glad to have contributed to the definition of Villa Emma interiors, today recognized internationally for its harmonious beauty. This project shows, once again, how the care of every detail is essential for a winning result.

The company is committed to providing the best quality and offers a vast catalogue conceived in collaboration with internationally renowned designers and architects. It features strictly Made in Italy handles, selected for prestigious buildings all over the world.