Bartoli Design signs the Laurameroni “Clis” jewel lamps

Flexible and elegant design solutions and fine materials, are the distinctive elements of Bartoli Design’s lamps for Laurameroni. Particular attention is paid to metals, as copper and brass, handcrafted to enhance their precious essence.

Together with Bartoli Design,the company extends the attention paid to the design of surfaces to the world of light, offering unique solutions where the tactile sense becomes essential to perceive the real value and consistency of products.

The result of this design philosophy is shown in Clis, the first lighting system designed by Bartoli Design for Laurameroni.

Confetti flying in the wind is the suggestion inspiring the minute Clis pendant lamps, in the shape of a disk, supported by slender cables.

Precious as jewels, the discs are interchangeable magnetic covers, designed to dress the product with brass or bronze, three-dimensional patterns or polychrome marbles.

Even the multiple configurations, single, in line, in groups or in cascades, allow ample possibilities for personalization to obtain original lighting solutions to create poetic scenography or precise geometries. The thin cables highlight the essential line of the lamp, elegant even in its single version.

The wide range of magnetic covers, easily interchangeable, makes Clis a highly customizable and versatile product.

Furthermore, the small size, delicate proportions and infinite configuration possibilities allow it to be adapted to the context and to be placed even in confined spaces, for a touch of refined elegance; a light point that, just like a jewel, illuminates and enriches the environment.

The spotlights are adjustable both on the vertical and horizontal axis, to spread the light beam in the most effective way or to create decorative light effects.

Magnetic cover finishes: brushed bronze liquid metal, “paper” bronze liquid metal, circular satin burnished brass, circular satin brass, “fabric” satin brass, onyx.