Indoor and outdoor with the Sen-su and Sen-su Lounge chairs by Bartoli Design for Da a

With the arrival of summer, balconies, terraces and gardens come back to life becoming places of relaxation and recreation. The Sen-su and Sen-su Lounge chairs designed by Bartoli Design for Da a are an in&out furnishing solution that invites us to live open air and, at the same time, can also find a place in the home.

Sensu and Sensu Lounge are the result of a research process started from an open-minded attitude of great openness that permitted to overcome the constraints: the result is a play of graphic textures that surprises with their unexpected solidity, concealed behind visual lightness.

Developed in a continuous exhange between design and engineering, by several prototypes, Sen-su has been an interesting experimental playground for our design. With the Sen-su chair we worked to translate our first poetical inspiration – the lightness of the “sensu” traditional Japanese fans – with the rules dictated by the steel wire manufacturing technology. We tried different ways of twisting, curving and assembling the rods to achieve visual balance, comfort, strength and feasibility. The result is a chair whose technical and aesthetic focus is the “spine” where several V rods alternate and are reflected, creating a distinguishing pattern, extremely light yet sturdy”. (Bartoli Design)