Natural materials, real feeding for the mind

Anna and Paolo Bartoli of Bartoli Design lead us to the discovery of furnishing objects that go beyond aesthetics, inspired by the desire to bring us in connection with nature, to become feeding for the mind.

In this period in which the house is lived in all its potential, as a place of work, study, relaxation and conviviality, in the family or virtual, we need to get closer to nature and surround ourselves with objects and furnishings that bring us in contact with it. Crouching in a sofa, a wool or leather armchair, feeling the perfume, the warmth and the full sound of a solid wood table, perceiving the infinite nuances of natural elements, touching the irregular texture of a stone, are powerful signs of well-being and normality for our mind. We have all experienced the attraction and pleasure of being in contact with objects made of these materials … an inexplicable emotion that grows from within.

For this reason, Bartoli Design has always been committed to designing taking these factors into account.

A philosophy that we embrace whenever possible”, Anna and Paolo explain us, “as we are convinced that the natural elements, the references to the environment, impact directly and immediately on the psychophysical well-being of those who will use it, at home or in the work’s space“.

Surrounding ourselves with objects made with “real” materials makes us feel closer to nature and from these our brain receives positive signals: we have evolved in thousands of years immersed in nature and, this imprint, has not been erased for a few hundred years lived in artificial contexts.

Looking at a product produced with a natural element activates an unconscious reaction of pleasantness, which is amplified when other senses are involved: touch, smell and, sometimes, hearing.

These objects are also filled with emotions and memories: they change like a living being, carry within them the trace of time and life and this is their great charm! The suggestion of the Studio to improve the quality of life and the environment around us is to create corners of peace and relaxation by choosing furniture, decorations, details that recall nature and the craftsmanship dimension. Anna and Paolo Bartoli have thus identified four of their projects that can dialogue with interiors of different styles.

Den, designed for Jesse, is a coffee table with bases of different diameters, reminiscent of a tree stump, made of solid linden wood.

The Joko chair, for Kristalia, has an essential and, at the same time, poetic and soft line. Completely covered in fabric or leather, Joko is made with sartorial care.

Himalayan Undyed are the rugs designed by Bartoli Design for Nodus Rug. A collection with a contemporary design, produced in Nepal, with an ancient workmanship, respecting tradition and with a totally ecological and natural management, to offer the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of real wool.

Nao and Pebbles are handles, coathanger, knobs and decorative objects, characterized by a combination of design, craftmanship and research. Signed for the Danish company Vonsild, they are in solid wood with CNC machining or wood turning. Nao’s seamless curved surfaces invite to be touched, caressed, almost tasted as if they were soft sweets to savor. Pebbles’ shape is soft and rounded like “wooden pebbles”, as being smoothed by the action of water and time, produced in three casual shapes.

All these products will have a lasting value, beyond fashions, to be handed down from one generation to another, becoming signs and memories of family life and those who owned them.