Manital presents NoHAND a new gesture and a new way to think the handle

In 30 years of business, Manital has supplied its handles to important residential and contracted projects around the world, always maintaining focus on the quality of Made in Italy, design and innovation; factors that have become even more prevalent when designing products that adapt to the current needs.

During the two months of lockdown, the Manital team continued to research in order to find a product that suits the health crisis we are facing.

Manital’s president Luigi Bigoloni explains, “what is happening now will certainly have repercussions on the ways we live and act. Not only in the near future, in fact it is very likely that similar situations will repeat themselves. In light of this, we have defined a new way to perceive handles and the methods of opening doors, a solution that can be an important contribution to the fight against bacteria and viruses”.

Bigoloni further explains, “we focused primarily on crowded public spaces, where constant sanitization is nearly impossible. As a result, we collaborated with architects Mario Mazzer and Giovanni Crosera to design NoHAND, a handle that delivers a new concept and motion for the opening and closing of doors

Thanks to an intense developmental period, NoHAND became a reality in very little time. The patented model is destined to improve safety thanks to an innovative movement: the elbow and forearm are now the body parts delegated to the function of opening and closing doors in order to protect our hands from contamination of dangerous bacteria and viruses. A small change in habits for a positive impact on the greater good.

NoHAND is characterized by a cylinder and an upward curve that facilitates the opening of doors with the elbow and forearm: a simple and modern design that focuses on functionality and practicality.

The handle is constructed in type 304 Stainless Steel, and is available in a variety of finishes including: satin, polished and powder coated white or black.