Our memory of Carlo Bartoli

A few days ago Carlo Bartoli left us who, with his projects, has become part of the history of design.

We want to remember him on a glad occasion that we shared with him, his family and his studio, when he received the Premio Compasso d’Oro Career Achievement Award in 2016.
Behind his discreet and excited smile, even on that occasion, there was his whole philosophy of life and work, focused on the search for beauty, never aimed at itself, to be pursued with irony and intelligence.
His working method was well summarized in the reasons that led to the awarding of the award, which we are pleased to resume:

“For having known in his own professional experience how to combine a form of poetry that is constantly in search of the essence of the creative act together with a particular capacity for empathizing with the growth and development needs of numerous furnishing companies. His contributions to the businesses he has worked with have always been original and innovative thereby contributing to their success.
A rigorous design journey, declined in different thematic areas, sober and measured and consistently contributing to the enrichment of Italian design culture”

Also thanks to the collaboration with his sons Anna and Paolo of Bartoli Design we are honored to communicate this cultural heritage and, together with them, to carry on the memory and passion for the profession of the designer that never stops!
Transmitted from generation to generation, it will continue with its usual values a look and a smile on the future, as it was for Carlo!