Manital, 30 years of international challenges and successes

In November, Manital, company founded by Luigi Bigoloni in 1990 in Northern Italy, celebrates its 30-year anniversary: a goal achieved by focusing immediately on quality, 100% made in Italy workmanship and design.

Thanks to these foundational principles and continuous research and innovation, Manital has grown and expanded into a wide variety of international markets, reaching as far as China, and today has a rich catalog that offers over 85 series of handles in various finishes and variations.

A story made of challenges and passion that has led it to be the protagonist in major projects all over the world, such as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and to receive awards with models designed by internationally renowned designers.

Today, in addition to President Luigi Bigoloni, his sons Alessandro and Luca are at the helm of the company and, together, they see a promising future full of opportunities for Manital.

«We are very satisfied and proud of this anniversary”, they declare,and we will go on believing in made in Italy design. The goal we set ourselves is to anticipate market trends to give designers and interior designers a range of solutions that can best suit the needs of contemporary living».

Manital has been able to overcome difficult periods such as the 2008 crisis, and in particular the 2020 pandemic along with its mandatory company closures and consequent effects on international markets. Moments such as these have always been approached with flexibility, innovation and attention to commercial partners: “we believe in the value of our products and we have learned to work in different markets, creating consolidated and trustful relationships”, declares Luigi Bigoloni.

During the lockdown, the Manital team demonstrated its determination and, together with Architects Mario Mazzer and Giovanni Crosera, concentrated its resources on the design and production of NoHAND, a new lever handle that aims to change our everyday habits by delegating the tasks of opening and closing doors to the elbow and forearm, in order to protect our hands from dangerous bacteria and viruses.

A change of vision combined with an innovative mindset symbolizes the company’s ability to adapt to the market’s current needs and face challenges, by even going as far as revolutionizing the ideas surrounding the way in which we physically interact with doors.