Déco for Domus Lascaris in Turin, Italy

Ipe Lapacho by Déco is the natural essence that Gruppo Building has chosen to give new life and value to the exteriors of the prestigious residential redevelopment project in Turin, Italy, Domus Lascaris.
In the historic center of the city, a few steps from Piazza Solferino and San Carlo, at the intersection of via Lascaris, Francesco d’Assisi and Dellala, the renovation works of a rationalist building from the 1950s are nearing completion.

The Boffa Petrone & Partners design studio set out to design a prestigious condominium integrated into the context, in order to make historic buildings and contemporary architecture coexist in perfect harmony and, at the same time, contribute to the innovation of living in a perspective of sustainability, efficiency and wellness in the center of the Piedmontese regional capital.
The skeleton of the building has remained unchanged while great importance has been given to the external surface and the contemporary façade that plays with openings and loggias, large windows and mirrors that bring, in the eleven exclusive apartments, a lot of natural light and a splendid view of the buildings of the street.
Inside the building there are multifunctional and recreational spaces, such as an art gallery accessible to the public and a large area with swimming pool, spa, gym and fitness area.

A renovation in line with the times and the current concept of living that pays maximum attention to the environmental impact, technological innovation, well-being and the choice of quality materials and finishes for both interiors and exteriors.
Here Gruppo Building has chosen to rely on Déco, a collaboration consolidated by previous iconic projects in the city such as Lagrange 12, a nineteenth-century neoclassical building with UltraShield® by Déco, and Snodo OGR – Officine Riparazioni Torino, where the outdoor covering made with Panorama bamboo decking of the company.

Also for Domus Lascaris the exteriors have great aesthetic and architectural value: among these, the large terraces on the roof of the two penthouses stand out, covered with Ipe Lapacho natural wood slats by Déco that give beauty and quality.
Ipe Lapacho is an essence that comes from the forests of South America, a noble, hard and compact wood, with a warm and elegant appearance, characterized by pleasant shades of tone that make it unique. Used by Déco in the KD (Kiln Dried – oven dried) version, it guarantees maximum strength and stability, in any intended use.
In fact, this essence can actually last for more than 35 years after installation, while remaining immune to moisture, pests and mechanical stress. Because it is particularly dense and compact, this material is in most countries placed in the same fire-resistance class as concrete.

Architect Luca Petrone of Boffa Petrone & Partners says: “A terrace in the center is like a garden on a hill, a precious space, as important as the interior. The latter is completed in its external appendix in a combination that brings value to the entire housing unit. The terraces of Domus Lascaris are exploited for what they are: precious islands of relaxation in the center of Turin, from which to enjoy a breathtaking view over the red roofs of the city, with the alpine mountains and the hill as a backdrop.
Spaces that extend the housing units and bring innovative solutions for outdoor living.
For this reason, we decided to use a material such as Ipe Lapacho by Déco, which was well suited to our needs for flexibility to meet all customer requests”.

Satisfaction also for Déco, as can be seen from the words of Paolo Damiani, founding partner: “This participation embraces our company philosophy of progress and sustainable development. Domus Lascaris restores the vision of a city in transformation, where the historic center is brought back to a residential dimension, ready to experiment with new integrations between public and private sectors enclosed in contemporary architecture of high quality, aesthetics and efficiency“.