Bartoli Design: tradition and contemporaneity for the limited edition of the Maxima sideboard by Laurameroni

Bartoli Design expresses Laurameroni’s artisanal skills since its foundation, designing products that blend the use of long-standing processes with a poetics made of essentiality and balance.

For the 20 years anniversary of the company, the designers have created a new version of the Maxima sideboard, made even more exclusive for being a limited edition, produced in only 20 pieces, one for each year of Laurameroni’s history.

This project is created to give value to traditionally worked materials with a contemporary language. Every detail is taken care of the maximum, following Laurameroni’s approach to surface design for which the external surfaces of the products take on strong tactile, decorative, narrative values.

Bartoli Design does just this by studying quality products, lasting over time, capable even more in this special edition of transferring the materials’ value and the centuries-old histories of craftsmanship, with the ambition to create an emotional, affectionate object, in which design becomes art.

This limited edition of the Maxima sideboard, best expresses the desire to combine craftsmanship and contemporary design, for those who want an exclusive and unique furnishing.

This version is in liquid burnished copper, supported by legs made of transparent glass, further enhancing the use of special materials and craftsmanship.

A project which plays with the different sensations produced by the components and processes used.