Ultrashield® by Déco is the leading of “Residenza Q”

The new generation composite wood Ultrashield® by Déco is the leading of a new relevant project signed by the architect Valeria Aretusi who chose it to entirely cover a contemporary villa in Roseto degli Abruzzi, Italy, located between the green of the olive trees and the blue of the Adriatic Sea.

The project, 250 square meters between ground floor, attic and solarium, has changed a ruin into a monolithic residence with clear, rigorous and definite lines, made even more evident by the choice of Ultrashield® by Déco in the Antique finish to cover the ventilated wall facades.

The result is a pleasant “all wood” effect that underlines the minimal architecture, integrating it into the environment. Geometry and finishes recall nordic homes, made warm and cozy, thanks also to the use of wood, whose grey veins accentuate the material component.

The eco-sustainable approach of the villa is one of the main elements of the project, Ultrashield® by Déco is in fact environmentally sustainable: the wood fibre from which it is made comes from recycled wood shavings meaning it has no impact on deforestation and the HDPE (high density polyethylene) component is a completely biodegradable PVC substitute.

The installation of Ultrashield® by Déco ensures a durable and resistant cladding, immune to any type of external aggression, natural, environmental or chemical, and also immune to colour changes over time, thanks to the special polymeric shield, extruded together with the internal product-mix, which protects the slat giving a resistance up to 25 years from installation, without maintenance. This shield also guarantees incomparable resistance to scratches and stains.

A solution that, installed on a ventilated wall, protects the building from humidity while also improving thermal and acoustic insulation.