The Twix® line by Déco expands and sets new frontiers for contemporary habitats

Twix® expresses the Déco company’s commitment to being both the protagonist of the outdoor world and trend-setters indoors, with innovative solutions designed to generate continuity between interiors and exteriors, redesigning the boundaries of a contemporary habitat.

The success of this mission in residential and contract sectors has led Déco to expand the dimensions in the Twix® range to offer architects and interior designers new design possibilities for enhancing the environments in terms of performance and aesthetics.

Twix® is the established modular system of the Ultrashield® by Déco family, the company’s line of latest-generation composite wood products. This coating for walls and ceilings is characterised by its geometric rigor, with a striped effect that is perfect for both interior and exterior environments, offering perfect symmetry to the surfaces.

The Twix® module is now available in four variations and with seven finishes, with colours including shades of brown and grey, thus becoming a collection suitable for creating seamless aesthetic and chromatic spaces, enhanced by beauty, warmth and all the advantages of composite wood. The new Twix® collection consists of the new Twix® Full Claddy profiles, a single element module, along with the Twix® Claddy, Twix® XL and Twix® Classic, being two, three or five parallel strips respectively.

Installing Twix® by Déco cladding on building façades improves thermal and acoustic insulation, whilst also eradicating thermal bridges, enhancing the insulation coefficient of the façades and improving the energy performance of the building.

When installed indoors, the Twix® modules also promote a reduction in reverb, thus improving acoustic performance within the environments.

Like all Ultrashield® by Déco composite wood products, Twix® profiles are also a unique combination of innovation, quality, durability and aesthetics. The special polymer shield that covers each slat, extruded together with the internal mix-product, ensures the modules are durable, resistant to colour variations over time, as well as being anti-scratch and anti-stain.

Impervious to any type of external aggression – be it natural, environmental or chemical – Twix® is guaranteed for up to 25 years after installation and is even maintenance free.

In line with the company’s philosophy, all components of the Ultrashield® by Déco range are eco-sustainable; the wood flour of which they are composed is obtained from recycled chips and thus has

zero impact on deforestation whilst the HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) component is a substituted for completely bio-decomposable PVC.