Milano Bedding presents Goodman: the sofa bed becomes the hero of the space

Milano Bedding, for over 25 years, has been offering high quality sofa beds, a symbol of the perfect combination between the aesthetics of a design sofa and the comfort of the bed.

Today, the company takes this mission to the next level: the new Goodman sofa bed by Alessandro Elli, is designed to be the hero of the space and place of conversation, to be placed also in the centre of the living room.

Its curvilinear shape, with soft, sinuous and welcoming lines, is further enhanced by Goodman’s peculiarity of being a modular solution, designed to create multiple compositions in combination with other units (fixed or with bed) and accessories such as shaped poufs, armrests, quilted bases.

Everything has been designed to favor maximum combinative freedom and originality in creating sinuous combinations with a circular or wave shape: the latter configuration is ideal in contract projects, in large and structured environments even with different social spaces.

The inspiration, as the designer Alessandro Elli says, comes from nature and in particular from pebble beaches: “If you try to squeeze a handful of them, you realize that they are different in size and color, but they all have the same feature, they have no edges. Hence the soft design of Goodman, in which the wide curves and connections on all sides translate into a sofa with generous proportions and guaranteed comfort even in the sofa bed version“.

The Goodman sofa bed is available in four sizes (161, 206, 226, 246 cm) and with a wide choice of fabrics and leathers, which makes the model even more unique.

The Goodman cover is removable and washable depending on the chosen cover. The bed version has a 200 cm long mattress.