Unity makes strength with VittEr Design® Smart Working

The Smart Working collection by VittEr Design®, designed by the architects Basaglia + Rota Nodari, is aimed to create a dynamic and functional work environment, perfect for the home office: it is a large and practical workstation where a desk and bookcase join and intersect, one in support of the other, to give life to a single piece of contemporary design.

The components of Smart Working create an efficient game of intersections with calibrated dimensions and proportions, where the rationality of the bookcase and the table top is enhanced by the sculptural base of the desk, a theory of slabs that fit together creating an important volume from the multifaceted geometries, capable of giving identity and movement.

The transversal DNA of Smart Working thus comes into equilibrium with the domestic space and enriches its style thanks also to the various chromatic moods proposed by the company: light and neutral shades for essential atmospheres or colors with vitaminic energy for effect environments.

A rich and homogeneous coloring made even more evident by the peculiarity of being “full color” of VittEr®, the material that gives shape to the collection: each layer that composes it, from the core to the surface, is colored and can be customized with several shades in thickness, to overcome the usual appearance of the laminate and approach that of solid materials.

VittEr® is in fact the innovative compact layered laminate that gives life to all the company’s designs: it is formaldehyde-free, antibacterial, eco-sustainable, from a 100% Italian supply chain, and is exclusively supplied by Filippi 1971, VittEr Design®’s parent company. A highly resistant material that guarantees durability, ease of use and ease of sanitizing the surface (on an already antibacterial basis), important characteristics for a product intended for the home office.