Déco presents Clap!3D: the new frontier of realism and performance

Déco’s challenges and innovations continue with Clap!3D, the new frontier in sustainable stone powder and polymer surfaces for interiors, which achieves perfect synchrony between touch and sight.

Thanks to the company’s ongoing research, the Clap! range of surfaces expands with a new 3D version, taking the mastery of mimicking natural wood to new heights with planks that faithfully reproduce grain, fibres, knots and colours, synchronising the visual and the tactile in an unprecedented product experience. It’s a genuine 3D revolution, an original realism that in just 6 millimetres of thickness gives a room all the warmth of parquet and superior performance to natural wood and porcelain.

The Clap!3D composite is environmentally sustainable: thanks to its formula of mineral powder mixed with polymer, 100% of the material is recyclable, in accordance with environmental, health and safety standards.

A recipe that allows us to achieve unparalleled toughness and unique properties in a combination that gratifies the senses and guarantees exceptional performance, while protecting the planet.

The carefully designed and textured planks allow maximum freedom in residential and commercial interior design, thanks to their three-dimensional nature, toughness, fineness, practicality and versatility; we have also introduced the maxi-plank, measuring 1,800 x 228 x 6 mm.

Added to these benefits is the pleasant warmth to the eye and the touch, equalling that of parquet flooring (when comparing temperatures of wood, porcelain and Clap!3D).

What’s more, the planks are supplied with a built-in soundproofing layer giving a total thickness of 6 mm; this is laid directly on the plank or on the existing floor to give acoustic insulation and a high degree of sound absorption. And all without the need for adhesives.

Clap!3D is an antibacterial product with excellent resistance to abrasion, scratching and shocks, with a closed-pore surface that prevents the absorption of any kind of stain.

The complete absence of space between planks makes the surface immune to water infiltration and therefore suitable for damp and high-traffic residential and commercial settings.

Cleaning is simple and fast, with no particular special treatment, just a non-abrasive detergent.

The benefits continue with a floating installation system and waterproof U-Click slot mechanism to join the planks. A simple, intuitive system that makes laying the floor quick and therefore more economical and is suitable for DIY installation.

Clap!3D can also be installed – even post-assembly – on radiant heating panels, as it absorbs and diffuses heat much more rapidly than porcelain.

Clap!3D planks come in a wide and varied range of eleven wood varieties, making them the ideal solution for contemporary projects.

Architects and interior designers can create original spaces which, specifically, can satisfy a hitherto impossible demand: the same charm, warmth, tactile sensation and living experience as parquet, lasting over time for warm, safe rooms; efficiency and practicality combined with respect for the ecosystem.