The added value of Twix® by Déco enhances the interior of a modern villa in Modica, Sicily

In the picturesque setting of Modica in Sicily, a contemporary home, designed recently by architect Giovanni Maiorana, stands out for its elegant minimalist design, underlined in the spacious living area, where tranquillity and glamour are skilfully combined. An inviting open-plan space whose every detail is curated, made even more harmonious by the innovative modular Twix® by Déco system installed on sections of the walls.

Made in new-generation Ultrashield® by Déco composite wood, the cladding creates a dialogue between the various rooms, a common thread that unites them in a discreet route that leads from living area to kitchen and bathroom. The three-dimensional effect of the iconic Twix® Classic five-slat unit lends the rooms a pleasing geometric rigour and creates aesthetic, visual and chromatic continuity.

The rooms are embellished with the warmth of Twix® composite wood in Teak shade, which also combines pleasingly with several items of furniture in the same wood.

Featuring pale, predominantly cool shades in walls, ceilings and much of the furniture, the villa is linked to the exterior by large windows and glass doors opening onto the garden. The rigorously minimalist mood is softened and warmed by the expert and well-judged installation of Twix®.

In the living area, the modular Déco system entirely covers the long wall leading to the kitchen; a scenic choice that embellishes the entire living space in a visual continuum that extends to become an integral part of the kitchen: panels of Twix® follow and cover the base of the peninsula, creating a bold and scenic fusion of the aesthetic impact of composite wood and the black marble of the worktop. The effect is further emphasised by linear lighting which illuminates the entire upper length of the wall and the underside of the peninsula.

To give the living area the appropriate balance, Twix® is also used to clad the pillar that divides the living room from the dining room.

The juxtaposition of wood and marble also features in the bathroom, where the white walls are punctuated by large slabs of shiny black marble and Twix®, backing the fixtures and the bathtub. Once again, linear lighting recessed in the wall showcases the Déco wooden panel.

The suitability of Twix® for a range of spaces – living room, kitchen and bathroom – encompassing different characteristics and solutions, underlines the versatility of the material and its ability to add value to the design while also enhancing the performance of the interior.

In addition to its unique combination of quality and durability, the system helps to reduce reverberation, thus improving acoustics. It also benefits from the Ultrashield® by Déco composite wood: the special polymer coating, extruded simultaneously with the inner mixture of the product, makes it durable and resistant to fading, scratching and staining; moreover, it allows installation even in damp atmospheres like bathrooms, or areas subject to heavy use, such as kitchen peninsulas.

Resistant to all types of external aggression, Twix® is guaranteed for 25 years after installation, with no maintenance required.

In line with company philosophy, all products in UltraShield ® by Déco are environmentally sustainable: the wood flour used to make it comes from recycled shavings and therefore has zero impact on deforestation, and the HDPE (high-density polyethylene) component is a totally biodegradable substitute for PVC.