The quality of Ultrashield® by Déco is chosen for an innovative green building project

Déco, with its Ultrashield® composite wood, has been chosen by Marlegno, a company specialising in eco-sustainable wooden buildings, to qualify and typify a “smart” single-family home in the province of Bergamo, Italy, constructed with the most advanced green building techniques.

The residence, split across two floors totalling 160 square metres, gives a nod to traditional buildings but adds a wink to contemporary design that gives life to ever-different perspectives from each vantage point. Indeed, the façades are differentiated from each other thanks to the balconies and overhanging roofs that create porticoed areas. A certain rhythm then comes from the large windows in varying dimensions that maximise the entrance of natural light into the interior, governed by blind systems created with the latest-generation Ultrashield® by Déco composite wood. Positioned at strategic points, in addition to offering refined aesthetics, the blinds provide pleasant shading, sun protection and privacy, whilst improving the performance of the building.

The juxtaposition of the cladding materials on the exterior dialogues in a modern language in alternating two innovative and sustainable materials: Biopietra® and the three-dimensional-effect module Twix® Classic by Déco. With five slats, this panel qualifies the project in terms of performance, adds value and characterises overall thanks to its minimal and exact feel, mitigated and warmed by the Teak wood species chosen for this project.

Sustainability, another important aspect of the project, is guaranteed by the innovative features of the building, as the result of the tailoring process conducted by Marlegno to meet the client’s needs.
This is also the focus of Déco, which has always offered eco-sustainable solutions, as is exemplified by the components in Ultrashield®. The wood flour that comprises the coating is actually obtained from recycled shavings and thus has zero impact on deforestation whilst the HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) component is a completely bio-decomposable substitute for PVC.

Energy efficiency is Marlegno’s other objective, with Déco being a reliable partner also in this endeavour. Indeed, the installation of Twix® and shading panels, not only confirms the versatility in using Ultrashield® composite wood but offers a unique combination of quality, aesthetics, performance and durability.

These properties are designed to optimise the performance of the residence overall. The innovative protective polymeric shield that coats the profiles in Ultrashield®, extruded together with the internal product mix based on hardwood flour and polymers, renders them durable, immune to various colour changes over time, along with being scratch- and stain-resistant, impervious to deformation and even to any type of external aggression, with a guarantee up to 25 years from installation, without the need for maintenance.

Déco’s involvement was with the utmost commitment and enthusiasm for this cutting-edge project that forms part of a new building trend, leading the way towards sustainable constructions combining respect for the environment, architecture and advanced home automation systems for a “smart” home from all points of view.