New challenge for Manital: the company entrusts the art direction to Mario Mazzer, Giulia Mazzer and Giovanni Crosera

The collaboration between Manital and architect Mario Mazzer began in 2008 with the creation of the Preso and Spoon lever handles. From there onwards the chemistry between the two began to grow and was strengthened over the years, arriving at a constant and fruitful collaboration that now includes numerous models within the Manital catalogue, many of which were designed by Mazzer together with industrial and yacht designer, Giovanni Crosera.

This cooperation between the company and the designers, formed of trust and mutual esteem, has led to the achievement of important awards, the latest of which is the inclusion of the NoHAND handle in the ADI Design Index with a candidacy for the Compasso d’Oro 2022.

Mario Mazzer, Giovanni Crosera, and Giulia Mazzer, architect with experiences between Paris and New York in the world of art and design, will lead the artistic direction of Manital, approaching the project with diverse backgrounds aimed at conceiving an innovative cultural and emotional reaction.

A path that the Brescia-based company, with over 30 years of history, firmly believes in order to renew and further distinguish its identity, which is based on a solid foundation and forward-looking vision.

A new image and visual identity are thus being developed to further highlight the company’s know-how, which is deeply rooted in the attention to detail, elegance, and technical efficiency.

Mario Mazzer, Giulia Mazzer and Giovanni Crosera explain, “Our goal is to highlight the importance of lever handles within an architectural project. The handle is the design object which we interact with the most and is full of aesthetic, technical, and philosophical elements. We are at the service of the company, we like to work with the internal team led by Luigi Bigoloni, the heart and soul of Manital, along with his sons Alessandro and Luca”.

Manital also underlines the harmony that has always characterized the collaboration between the two parties, Luigi Bigoloni explains, “Mario Mazzer, together with Giovanni Crosera and Giulia Mazzer, has always been able to interpret our needs and requests. In 2020 we reached the milestone of 30 years of collaboration, we are proud of it but we do not want to settle, for this reason we will continue looking toward the future and new challenges”.