Bartoli Design

Anna, Paolo and Carlo Bartoli in 2017 celebrate 10 years as associates, a period in which the practice has followed the path started by Carlo in the Sixties and expanded it with the contributions of Anna and Paolo. Thanks to their different personalities and approach, today the Studio is able to experiment with designs with very different features. Since they were kids, Anna and Paolo breathed the history of design with Carlo’s projects, influenced by personalities as Caccia Dominioni, Luciano Baldessari and Marcello Nizzoli as well.

Bartoli Design is growing with the free expression of the different souls of its components, all sharing the same objective of being well-rounded product designers, namely to design quality objects lasting over time, not trend-related.

Bartoli Design’s research and development work, deeply immerged in Italy’s design network, is born with and for the entrerprise, connecting the industrial and the artisanal worlds well before this became a trend.

The office is located in Monza: two light-filled floors immersed in the green of a broad park, and distributed in spaces with different style and intended use, an atmosphere filled with the history of design and with continuous innovation, just like a large workshop. In this inspiring place, Bartoli Design focuses much on the development of models, which allow the transition from the sketches to the prototypes, accompanying each step up to the final product.

For all those reasons, we witnessed the birth of projects resulting from a sophisticated process of exploration, design and compendium of expertises, as the 1085 Edition chair for Kristalia. An example of how an item which is so common in the design world, may still stimulate research and development.

More designs are inspired by the respect for tradition and Italian craftsmanship, as the products created for Laurameroni, the lastest being the Drapè collection introduced at the Salone del Mobile 2017. The interest for raw materials and ancient processings is the one of Bartoli Design’s specificities, which led to the Himalayan Undyed carpets for Nodus Rugs, expression of the intertwining of tradition and contemporary design.

Bartoli Design, as Paolo and Anna tell, follows a specific way of working: ‘We are organized as a contemporary Renaissance workshop, a team where we talk, discuss and everyone makes a contribution with own specific creativity and skill. Therefore we can deal with very different designs, always giving voice to the company we’re working for. The relationship with companies is crucial for us; we want to understand the context, the strategic and commercial variable, then provide the creativity and expertise they need’. ‘Among our recent designs’, Anna and Paolo go on, ‘we have the Wonder lamps for Penta Light, developed with the help of models as well, to be sure that the final result was as we conceived this system. In a smaller project, not in importance but in size, as the Mini Ghost for Fiam, a limited-edition celebration of the famous Ghost for this year’s Salone del Mobile, we watched the transparent chair against the sky in our garden… so the idea of Happy Clouds was born’.

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